Gentle healers for
the scalp and hair.
Let the healing begin!

Herbal Hair Tea Benefits


Heals and soothes any irritations on the scalp.


Stimulate hair growth for longer and stronger hair.

promotes calm and anti-itching


Increases blood circulation


Detox scalp and pores. Helps control excessive oiliness.


Controls inflammation and helps regenerate growth, and thickens the hair.


Balances hair PH levels to soften hair and promote shine. 


Scalp stimulation to promote natural oil production of sebaceous glands.

About Herbal Hair Teas

I want to introduce you to Heads Herbal Hair Teas. I have been an herbalist for. Oh, I think all my life, but certified in 1993. I have always loved the healing power of herbs and essential oils, and aromatherapy, and I have used these throughout my 37 years in business on various occasions and for a variety of purposes.

I have fond memories of going with my grandmother to the herbalist in Chinatown in Oakland for her herbs and cures. She always told me that I had” healing hands,” Her words are still golden to me. I am proud to share that I have finally created six of my favorite formulas that I have used over the years, and I can now offer them to you.